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Old 08-21-2011, 10:25 PM
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Yo ~

Just wondering if you've been uploading as .AVI or .MP4 of late? Reformatted not too long ago and had to re-download Staxrip, seems I need to pay for encoding software for it to work when I use .MP4 files as my source media.

Thanks in advance ~
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Old 08-21-2011, 11:14 PM
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Ragnaros was .avi, but only because something is seriously fucked with sony avc/mainconcept avc with videos > than about 15 minutes in length. I had to render it as an .avi which was annoying.

I will be trying out other programs (basically newer version of vegas) to see if mainconcept or sony avc support is improved.

Otherwise, everything else has always been .mp4
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