Why is PUBG so famous?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer online battle royale game developed by a PUBG corporation, a subsidiary of Korean publisher Bluehole. There have been a lot of games like PUBG before, and none of them have become a huge hit as this has. What could possibly be the reason for this? Some of them are:


In the game, there will be a 100 players and you will be one of them. You will be parachuted down a plane with the other players onto an island, with nothing but your underwear on. You have to get down there, loot as many things as you can and kill as many enemies as you can and emerge as the last man standing. The graphics are highly impressive and it enables you to play in groups. You can play in a group of 4 or 2. It get really fun when there are groups.


The weapons in this game are beyond amazing. And, the way to get them are even more tricky. Whenever you get the weapon, you get the basic thing. When you keep on collecting more accessories of the gun like a suppressor or an extended clip, the accuracy increases and you can shoot better. Other weapons like grenades, flares, etc are also available.


Their main strategy was Double dip digital marketing. Basically, what they did was they gave the game lots of streamers for playing on their Youtube or any social media channel. Since,the streamers were crazy about the game, it spread among them and that made the other gamers and viewers buy that.

Near zero wait time

One huge difference between PUBG and other games were that there was no on waiting time. There is no loading time in the game and it takes no time when there’s