Best Clan Games Today

Best Clan Games Today

In video gaming, a clan is a group of player who always play together in one or more multiplayer games, but is focused on a particular game. There are many clan games, but the most famous one is the one your have heard about obviously, which is, Clash Of Clans. CoC was a massive fever for many people and it had the highest number of users in iPhone or iPad. There are many other clan games like CoC in the app stores. Let’s take a look at some of them

Castle Clash

Castle Clash is free to play strategy game. It is one of top 10 games in the US and has striking similarities with CoC which has sparked many debates across the internet. It has garnered positive reviews from many gamers. The fast-paced and realistic combat system, promises an epic gaming experience that is undeniable attractive. Even Though, the game has similarities with CoC, the game has many distinctive features which has attracted almost 30 million users. In the game, you can play as a warlord, building up your own empires and battling mythical creatures. You can also add them in your troops and expand them. With these, you can fight other people in the arena.

Viking Wars

Viking wars is relatively unpopular compared to CoC and Caste Clash. Its compelling graphics and gameplay twists speak otherwise. As you probably guessed, you control your own troop of Vikings in this game, and defend your own territory against invaders and enemy tribes. The battles are real-time and also, another additional feature is that you can watch replays of your previous ventures anytime you want which might help you to devise better strategies for your next attack. Most of the reviews at the Play Store say how it is better than even CoC, and that speaks for the game itself

Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat is more like an action movie turned into a combat strategy. In this game as well, you will see troops ready to defend your base. Your main objective in the game is to take control of the tropics, rich in oil and gold. However, there will be people standing in your way and will not allow you to take over. The battles in the game are again simple and usual but are highly entertaining. Another interesting and great feature of the game is that, it’s a cross-platform game, which means that you can play it on any device and social network and pick up where you left off. The game is a very likeable experience and has fun battles. The additional feature of being able to play in many platforms make it even more likeable.

These are some of best games out there like CoC. While these games have striking similarities with CoC, every game has its way of distinguishing itself from CoC and will soon come out of the CoC shadow and will own store, just like CoC did.