World Of Warcraft Mythic

World Of Warcraft Mythic raiding: 5 Tips to get into it

World of Warcraft is also known as WoW, is one of the most popular multiplayer online game in the world. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). By 2009, it has approximately ten million players from all over the world. By 2014, there were a hundred million registered accounts in the game. It became the highest-grossing video game franchises in the world with a 9.23 billion dollar revenue collection in 2017. As other MMORPG, a player needs to subscribe and pay a subscription fee through an online payment. The payment can be made through debit or credit card or blizzard game card or WoW tokens. A free trial is provided to players to twenty levels after which a player must proceed with the subscription. This free trial gives the player a zest of the actual game zone so that they can decide they want to subscribe to the game or not.


Mythic raiding –

The first and foremost point to remember is that it needs commitment. If one person also does not show up, then it will be tough to kill any bosses. It will become a huge disadvantage. Many dominant players fail to cross this step because they fail to keep their commitment. Also, the other team player is as dedicated as you are, or else one person can cause the loss of the entire team. The next important point is to know your class correctly. A player should know their class and what benefit they can bring to the raid group. Also, it is better to keep the off-spec roles geared and raid-ready, as different bosses often have different requirements. As a raid team consists of twenty people, there is a need for coordination and corporation. It is fundamental and essential that all the players play as one team. The team goal should be the priority of the game.

World of Warcraft Tips

Conclusion –

World of Warcraft has a variety of operating mechanism for player versus player (PvP) game. Player versus environment (PvE) can “flag” themselves and getting attacked by the opposite faction. At any time and location, player versus player combat between members of opposing factions is possible. The only situation where this is not possible is when a player has not up the “flag”. This means the player is not ready for a combat situation. Player versus environment (PvE) allows the players to decided whether they want to get involved in combat with other players or not. There are special areas in the World of Warcraft which is free for all combat is permitted. The battleground is such a place. Only a particular number of characters are allowed in this section at a time. An additional number of battlegrounds can be created to allow other players. Every battleground has a goal set, and the players need to complete the goal. After completion of the task, the player gets tokens and honor points as rewards. These tokens and honor points can be used to buy weapons and armor.

How clan games work

How clan games work


Clan games work under a constrained time-space through which Clan members finish challenges to add points for the entire clan. The games have certain reward tiers and the clan with the highest tiers will win. All the games are available to every member.

Joining a clan:

Every clan member joins the event and assigns oneself a challenge. This forbids the members from changing clans to participate in other clan’s challenges. The challenges are all part of the clan’s different means to gain points, so each clan member plays a part in ensuring that the clan moves higher in the game.


All members can view the challenges on a board. This board provides information about which member has chosen what challenge. Once a member chooses a challenge, that challenge goes off the board and new challenges are introduced into the game. As each clan clears the board off, new challenges are introduced with a new time constraint. There is a possibility of trash challenges but with consequence.


Every player has a limit to how many points each of them can score for the clan. All these scores add up to the clan’s total, thus deciding where the clan’s position in the game is. The clans do not fight against each other, but instead run on their own clock. Basically, they fight against time in order to win the game. As the clan gets points, they reach reward tiers. Each reward tier ensures more points for every clan member at the end of the event.


It is important to understand in this game that teamwork is necessary to accomplish the tasks. The trick is to let the beginners play games that are easier to complete. Proper execution is required in order to ensure that your clan is gaining the highest reward tier. Find the members with the weakest spots and make sure they understand how the game works and what is required to help the clan achieve the highest reward tier. The key to winning a clan game is in the understanding of being a team and playing not for oneself, but for each other.


It is important to be patient with the team and the various challenges that the clan has to encounter. Points will not be awarded to challenges that have been trashed, because of which it is imperative that everyone takes part and completes every challenge. The rewards are not based on how many challenges you’ve completed but how many clan points you’ve collected.